IRCAnywhere is an application written in javascript which is designed to be a free alternative to IRCCloud. With IRCCloud, you have little control over your uptime and the privacy of your users. IRCAnywhere aims to be a replacement giving the control to you.

IRCAnywhere has been around for a while, and was first opened to the public as a proprietary service back in 2012. It got open sourced in May, 2013 and we quickly realised that it wasn’t as simple and stable as it should be. Recently IRCAnywhere has undergone a massive rewrite completely from the ground up with some fundamental changes to the way it previously worked.

This documentation is for the most current versions 0.2-alpha and 0.2-beta. The code is fully open source and available on github. The documentation is currently lacking but expect the project to be fully documented in more stable releases, currently the server side API is documented to an extent which will be improved as the project matures.